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Cover Reveal Blitz "Dark Beam 1-3"

About the Books Titles: Dark Beam Part 1 -3 Author: Adrienne Woods Genre : Fantasy, Dark, Adult Everyone in Paegeia knows that only one Rubicon dragon lives at a time. If more than one, they will destroy Paegeia and eventually the rest of the world as they crave that constant power for dominance. Blake Leaf is this era’s Rubicon, and is destined for grate things if his darkness can be won. Darkbeam Part 1 follows the story of the Rubicon and how he tries to keep his beast, the darkness, at bay. Website Twitter Author Facebook Facebook

Shane's Truth by V. F. Mason goes live!!!

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○   Title: Shane's Truth Series: The Challenges Series Author: V.F. Mason Genre: Contemporary Romance   Release Date: August 10, 2017 Cover Designer: Sommer Stein/ Perfect Pear Creative Cover Cover Models: Dustin Oprisiu and Kelly Kirstein Photographer: Lindee Robinson Photography      Falling in love was never part of the plan . Serena Living carelessly through life to dull my pain, I didn't pay attention to my father's threats.   When he had issued an ultimatum after yet another stunt, I thought he was joking.   Either work on the ranch in the middle of nowhere for the entire summer or lose any chance of making it as a fashion designer...   I had no choice but to agree. Determined to follow my dreams, I traveled to Texas with one goal in mind: to prove my father wrong. However, with all my planning, I didn't consider one thing. Him. Shane Leaving everything behind

Review!! Entice (Eagle Elite #3) by Rachel Van Dyken

“As burns this saint, so burns my soul. I enter alive, and I will have to get out dead.” Chase Winter let the love of his life slip through his fingers and into the hands of his best friend and mafia boss of the Abandanato family. Now that he's been given a second chance to right a wrong--he refuses to let his own selfishness stand in the way. The only problem? He's not fully in possession of his heart, so when Mil De Lange, the girl who's innocence he stole, and heir to the worst of the worst mafia families in the US, asks him for a favor. He actually says yes, not realizing that that one yes has the power to destroy them all.  Mil's been in love with Chase as long as she can remember, but as the years went by, the love turned to hate, and now that he's agreed to help her, she's wondering if she made a fatal error. Because Chase isn't a teenager anymore. He's a hot blooded male, bent on owning every part of her body and soul, and willing to kill