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REVIEW: Passion VS Parents by Hasina Saiyeda

She is intelligent, meritorious and smart. She likes music and wants to be a singer. Her 'want' becomes her dream & dream becomes a passion. That's where her parents enter her world, turning her dreams into a nightmare. She has two choices, passion and parents; where she must choose one. Will she be able to choose her passion over her parents? This is a story of an ordinary girl with an extraordinary passion of fulfilling her dream. Let's see if she can do it, because..."Life seems good until you start dreaming. With dream comes strong tenacity. And when that comes, you can fight a long way to... let's see where!” TITLE- Passion VS Parents AUTHOR- Hasina Saiyeda PUBLISHER- Think Tank Books FORMAT- Paperback *Thanks to the Publishers for a review copy.* (All opinions are my own) We are often forced to make a choice about almost everything. But you know what's the toughest thing? choosing between the things

REVIEW: Time and Chance by V.A. Mohta

Born of a highly respected Maheshwari family in a small town called Akola, the author’s journey begins in 1933. From his early childhood and recollections of the sprawling household, to losing his father and growing up under the guidance of ‘Kakaji’, this book talks about the significant events in his life, focusing mainly on the crossroads and turning points. Charting his steady rise from a District Court lawyer to the Supreme Court, the narrative is filled with anecdotes that delight and intrigue, such as his interactions with Lord Denning, Nehru, Naushad, Mohammad Rafi and Dilip Kumar. A man who rose to the pinnacle of success through grit and determination, challenging every issue he found wrong or unethical, Justice Mohta has stood steadfast on his chosen path despite numerous obstacles, and many of his achievements are legendary. Lucidly written, it is the record of a fascinating journey that melds experience, ideals, honesty and a great firmness of spirit—hallm

REVIEW: God Of The Sullied by Gaurav Sharma

A scion of the Ikshvaku dynasty took birth in Kali Yuga, who would later be tested by Kismet and Karma. Right from being deemed as ‘sullied’ and out-casted by his villagers to meeting good people of the kingdom of Rudraputra and making friends, there was a kaleidoscopic shift, albeit a harsh one, in the life of the protagonist, Eklavya. There comes the point when he hit a low period in life and no longer cares whether there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Did he thrive regardless of adversities or did he succumb to the darkness within and outside? Only the ‘God of the Sullied’ would know! TITLE- God Of The Sullied AUTHOR- Gaurav Sharma PUBLISHER- Think Tank Books FORMAT- Paperback *Thanks to the Publishers for a paperback review copy.* (All opinions are my own) 'A thrilling mythological fiction with perfect twists and turns' If you follow my blogs, you might have noticed that I am not a mythology lover. I might have read only