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REVIEW | The Journey Of Unexplored Love by Shalu Thakur

|Blurb| Life is a journey on unknown roads to unidentified love and unseen situations. What will you do if you face an uncertain situation in your life? Will you go ahead or take a step back?  On what basis will you take the decision? The journey of Unexplored Love is a story of a girl named Piya, who is gorgeous, lovable, fearless, passionate worker and believes in living larger than life. She is the creative head of a travel channel based in Mumbai. She goes on a professional Kashmir trip, which turns into a life-altering roller coaster ride thus becoming a dive into an ocean full of excitement, happiness, and a gush of emotions for her and her trainee that changes her life forever. Now, she has got stuck in such a situation where she does not know what to do next. She is strong yet broken. She has her heart in Kashmir and life in Mumbai. Who will win her over? Be a part of this intriguing journey and see the story unfold.   TITLE- The Journey Of Unexplored Love

REVIEW | A Favor For a Favor by Nat Chelloni

--Blu rb-- "Forget favors given; remember those received." - John Wooden A time for love can't be more deadly... Julia Leonardi thought she put her past behind her. The widow of a mobster, all she wants is to steer clear of the criminal elements. Then she meets Domenico Bonacci... Dom is handsome, charming, and intense. The world knows him as a prominent businessman, but Julia sees him as everything she fought to escape. Once the scion of a powerful Mafia family Dom left the world of organized crime after his father's death. And he swore he would never go back. No matter how hard she tries, Julia can't seem to ignore the powerful spark of attraction between them and her growing feelings for him. But when Dom's shady past catches up with him, the two forbidden lovers find themselves trapped in a deadly game. Will Dom renege on his vow and lose the woman he loves, or he will manage to break free of his past for once and for all?   TITLE- A Fa

REVIEW | Rhythm Roger: The Secrets Of Electron by Himanshu Rai

--Blu rb-- Heinrich Rudolf Hertz invented a unit of frequency and discovered electromagnetic waves, but virtually, he created a world of electromagnetic waves. The Virtual world, which is always around humans but cannot be seen or felt, is the world of unknown powers, known as Electon. "World is not only what we see." Rhythm has entered Electon, now it's your turn to take your path to know about the secrets of the Electon World. TITLE- Rhythm Roger AUTHOR- Himanshu Rai FORMAT- Paperback *Thanks to the author for a review copy.* (All opinions are my own) What an astonishing sci-fi read!  Himanshu Rai, brings his readers a thrilling science fiction and the world's first telecom fantasy book, Rhythm Roger. I am not a sci-fi lover and never in a million years did I think that I would ever love a book which was based on the concepts of physics, but man, I loved this one!  I picked up this book solely, because of the beautiful cover but the cover doe

Review: Popular Indian Fairy Tales by Stuti Gupta

--Blurb-- Say hello to the woodcutter who found fairies in the forest! Let him tell you about his magical gift. Meet the prince whose shoes could make him fly, the man who knew all secrets, and the hermit’s daughter who could talk to animals. Have you heard of the greedy saint, and the wise king who taught him a great lesson? Are you ready to dive into this wonderful world of stories? You must have read fairy tales about the glass slipper and the genie of the lamp. But Popular Indian Fairy Tales are different; they are refreshingly Indian. You will find in these stories, the wisdom of ancient Indian books, retold in contemporary English. Events that make you understand essential life lessons.Interactive questions at the end of each section to stimulate the mind and heart.Self-discovery for the reader by way of narration. Stories within stories for a raised emotional quotient. Worksheets and coloring pages. TITLE- Popular Indian Fairytales AUTHOR- Stuti Gupta FORMAT