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Book Review! Everyone Has a Right To Love by Gagan Madan

Life is too busy but it’s also too easy, if you look closer. Love is too complicated but it’s also too clear, if you feel deeper. Sometimes laughter is too difficult but a small smile can give us a lot of happiness. Today we all are too busy to prove ourselves and to excel. We have no time for love and we hide our emotions and affection. We always choose our priorities and we will always find time for things that we feel are important and those things which give us happiness. When we love someone, we start to care because love is a priority and not an option in life.  You also have a right to love, so keep loving, stay happy     **Thanks to the author for a physical review copy in exchange of an honest review** Okay!! So let's start with my chitter and chatter regarding this book! 'Everyone Has a Right to Love' is my first book by author 'Gagan Madan' . The thing that compelled me to choose this book was it's title. I mean jus

BOOK BOX REVIEW!! Feathery Neon Crate

Hi, my lovely readers!!  I am finally back with a bang! I know I know that it has been a long absence but now I am back with something new for you all!! This time I'm not going to review a book but I am going to review a book box!! Let's welcome the new BOOK BOX in the town, that is↓↓ BOOK BOX RATING COMPANY OWNERS RATING The August Box was their introductory/welcome box and I loved it!! First of all, let have a look at everything that this amazing book box contained:- The best thing about the august box was the freedom to choose the book ourselves and I think Feathery Neon Crate is the first book box to introduce such a thing.  ITEM NO. 1⇾ Book Of Your Choice      I asked for the Winter Song. I wanted to read this book from so long and now I finally own this,. Yippee!! Thanks to Feathery Neon Crate. The most surprising thing about the book was that I got a hardcover when I was expecting a paperback. I mean how cool is it to get a superior ver