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REVIEW: Lightborne (The Bexley Chronicles, #1) by Brindi Quinn

He cups me close to his face, near his mouth, so that his lips are grazing the reaches of my light. “You’re warm, B.” He grins. “Like a small fluttering bird.”  Then, his grin grows into something edging on salacious, and I have one hasty, breathless thought:  . . . He’s going to kiss me?  Nope.  At the last moment, he opens his mouth and shoves me inside.  If I’m not mistaken, I’ve just been swallowed.  . . . . . . . . . .  Bexley Lightborne is not your average run-of-the-mill mortal. She’s a realm-hopping, light-wielding badass . . . with just a touch of amnesia.  As shadows from the dark realm invade the world of light, Bexley enlists the help of a foul-mouthed, baby-faced newcomer holding magickal potential . . . who also happens to be the worst human boy Bexley has ever met.  Tethered together, two unlikely heroes will discover the truth of their forgotten bloodline and fight to reclaim what’s been lost, whether they want to or not.  Four colors collide in a war of

Magic Book Box: All About It!

Book Box is a growing trend in the Book World. There are so many established monthly  Book  subscription Boxes all around the world but today I'm going to talk about a budding Indian Book subscription Box, in particular, called Magic Book Box.   What exactly is Magic Book Box? Book Subscription Box is a box of magic for all the bookaholics. It contains books, goodies, bookish items, bookmarks and everything else that a reader is infatuated with. Magic Book Box is based in Chennai, India. It is a budding book subscription box that is trying to make a place for itself in the world full of established book boxes.  Magic Book Box is a Monthly Box and is theme based. Every month, one or two different and unique themes are revealed for the readers with some amazing books and goodies. This particular Book Box focuses on books more than bookish goodies, So for all those bookaholics out there who are looking for a book box with more books, Magic Book Box is perf

REVIEW-- Ira Oberoi's Pursuit of Love by Niti Chopra

Sparkling and zesty with a dash of green, a Virgin Mojito is a unique blend up and Ira is one lucky girl to have found her Mojito – tall and handsome with green eyes, he is in every definition the intoxication for her. In a twist of tales, the traditional concept of the boy wooing the girl goes for a toss. Smitten at first sight, she boldly pursues her love interest, every bit candid and upfront about it.  But what is a concoction if not for a heady mix of elements? Her descriptive personal diary falls in the hands of her mother who, on the verge of a cardiac arrest, forbids her from getting into a relationship with the guy she has fallen for.   Will Ira stand up for the love that she has found?Or will she be the ideal daughter and keep the promise for her mother’s sake?  Will hers be a love story that finds it difficult to have a sweet ending or will it be the perfect fairytale to be remembered down the years? Will Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love be successful?

Book Review: Torn (LOST #4) By Cynthia Eden

In  New York Times  bestselling author Cynthia Eden’s latest novel featuring the Last Option Search Team (LOST), one agent’s investigation entices a killer into making her his prey. PARTNERS . . . FRIENDS . . . Forensic anthropologist Victoria Palmer has always been better with the dead than the living. Shutting down her emotions, she lets few people in. But then Victoria’s latest investigation takes her and agent Wade Monroe to Savannah, Georgia. Handsome, dangerous, and more than ready to play dirty on any case, Wade weakens Victoria’s aloofness with just one glance. . . . LOVERS Wade knows their recent cases have pushed Victoria beyond her limits. But her skills are crucial to finding a college student who went missing five years ago. Victoria is able to determine she was murdered, and that the killer is still on the loose. And when the vicious murderer targets Victoria, Wade must do everything in his power to protect her . . . because he refuses to let a woman he loves