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REVIEW: Happily Married, Happily Divorced by Swati Kumari

Varushka is a young and ambitious girl, hoping to make her career before ‘settling down’ and making babies. But like always, her parents have a different plan. After tasting emotional blackmail, requests and even bribes, she is forced to make the choice between her dreams and her parents’ wish. Her confusion vanishes when she meets Mitash. He is an eligible bachelor, living his life the way he wants, and his practical approach towards life wins her over. They are soon married and settled in Amsterdam, enjoying each other’s company and redefining love in their own special way. But then, what leads them to a divorce, that too a happy one? Is life about making deals with one’s self, to create the destiny one wants? Happily Married Happily Divorced will cajole you into leading a happier life and take you on a rollercoaster ride of love, surprises and unknown adventures. TITLE- Happily Married, Happily Divorced AUTHOR- Swati Kumari PUBLISHERS- Srishti

REVIEW: Circus Folk & Village Freaks By Aparna Upadhyaya

Meet the beautiful people of the Circus, and the freaks who live in the Village next to them. Mangled, jangled, misunderstood, all find a place in the rich tapestry of this book. Siamese twins separate to lose half a heart each and find snake-man and tiger-taming lovers. A man bitten by a crocodile becomes a God, and a Devadasi woos the entire countryside with her culinary artistry. Fates intertwined lead sometimes to tragedy, sometimes happy summits of fame. A clown finds his place in Hollywood and mute animals break unspeakable chains. A twisted man falls in love with a mirror and a white man is unmade by the Indian sun. In this book are tales for every season and every reason. Tales of human depravity that take innocent lives, and of a murderers’ insanity that follows, fitting revenge by nature, red in tooth and claw. These stories are told in the form of narrative poems in rhyming couplets. Look inside and you will find, you have been to this Villag